Publications by Type: Conference Paper

S. M. Figueira and V. J. Reddi, “Topology-Based Hypercube Structures for Global Communication in Heterogeneous Networks,” in European Conference on Parallel Processing, 2005, pp. 994–1004.Abstract

Hypercube structures are heavily used by parallel algorithms that require all-to-all communication. When communicating over a heterogeneous and irregular network, the performance obtained by the hypercube structure will depend on the matching of the hypercube structure to the topology of the underlying network. In this paper, we present strategies to build topology-based hypercubes structures. These strategies do not assume any kind of topology. They take into account the communication cost between pair of nodes to provide a performance-efficient hypercube structure. These enhanced hypercube structures help improve the performance of parallel applications that require all-to-all communication in heterogeneous networks by up to ~30%.