Research and teaching go hand in hand. An integral part of our effort is to be involved in academic outreach activities. Research trickles down into teaching and education at graduate, undergraduate, and K-12 level. Below is a K-12 program that PI Vijay Janapa Reddi helped create when he was a professor at The University of Texas at Austin. ​​​​​Students in the class get to play with Arduino and build embedded systems that​ make learning fun. The project-based course for the middle school students encourages students to learn about hardware (digital) and software (coding) and how the digital electronics interact with the physical (analog) world. The class culminates in a project where students apply their newfound knowledge and build fun toys that entertain everyone


Find out more here. The course continues to be a huge success thanks to the effort of the UTeach staff and all the wonderful undergraduates and volunteers who helped make it a reality!